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The SP-ACE Advertising Campaign is an advertising project for a telecom business, SP-ACE. The design elements and the motion is a direct visual translation of the emotions the music evoke in me, a distant space, energy, sunrise/new beginning and gentle wave-like movements.

November 2020

Programs used:

• Google Earth Studio

• Adobe After Effects

• Trapcode plugin

• Adobe Media Encoder

SP-Ace video

Mood board

Mood Board is inspired by movement of energy through the space towards the Earth.

SP-ACE storyboard copy.jpg

Ideas generation

I chose audio that would go well with space, distance and flowing lines. Whilst listening to the audio, I tried to visualise the movement and graphics that would go well with the music.

Lb 550 Project two PS brushes.jpg

Google Earth

My aim was to show how energy lights up the Earth. Therefore, I decided that using Google Earth Studio's realistic footages would be the best approach. I learned how to render clips directly from the Google Earth Studio which I then composed in Adobe After Effects.

Screenshot 2021-12-21 at 12.08.31.png
SP-Ace Anchor
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