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Energy Drink Advertising

My task was to produce an advertising campaign video to promote a product. I decided to explore colour theory, type and packaging in advertising and created a fun and engaging subvertising for an energy drink.

May 2021

Programs used:

• Adobe Illustrator

• Adobe Photoshop

• Adobe After Effects

• Cinema 4D

• Adobe Media Encoder

• XParticles plugin

REN Video


REN storyboard is inspired by retro jukeboxes and Memphis Style.

REN.storyboard copy.jpg

Colour Scheme

The colour scheme is created to further emphasise the retro-modern Memphis Style of the advertisement and create a fun and engaging feel. The theme is derived from retro and memphis Style moodboards.

REN web _Page_40.jpg

Style Visualisation

Mockup of the scene was designed in Adobe Illustrator and presented to my peers for feedback.


Product Label Design

I designed 3 product labels for the lemonade cans in Adobe Illustrator.

I used exact mesaures of the cans to create label dielines.

Blueberry REN Label-01.png

3D Process

I designed all of the 3D assets in Cinema 4D including the lemonade cans.

REN web _Page_45.jpg

3D Material Design and Application

I created own materials and used the previously set colour scheme to keep a consistent feel across the whole project.

REN web _Page_13.jpg


I used Xparticles to create liquid splashes.

REN Energy Drink design process
Ren Process anchor
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