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Energy Drink

An advertising project for a natural energy drink REN.

I designed an animated advertisement, including all of the graphics and 3D cans for the product visualization.


May , 2021

Programs used:

• Adobe Illustrator

• Adobe Photoshop

• Cinema 4D



Colour scheme

Mood board is inspired by the Memphis Style and colourful berries.

REN web _Page_41.jpg

Logo design

I looked at many old typefaces and picked the one that best suited the joyful and chunky vibe I was striving for. Then, in Adobe Illustrator, I produced the product logo, referencing the colour scheme I had already established.

Screenshot 2021-02-09 at 14.03.14.png

Label design

I designed 3 labels, using different colour schemes for corresponding berry flavours.

Blackcurrant REN Label-01_1.png

Product visualisation

I made a simple 2D visualistation of the products to present to my peers for feedback.

Screenshot 2021-02-12 at 13.04.57.png

Environment visualisation

Referencing the previously set colour scheme, I created a 2D visualisation of the environment for the advertisement to present to my peers for their feedback.

Screenshot 2021-02-09 at 14.45.05.png

The final product

My aim was to create realistic-looking liquids and lighting. I achieved the desired look with Xparticles plugin and advanced lighting texhniques in C4D.

REN Energy Drink design process
REN Cans anchor
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