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Mr Media Process

I created Mr Media music video for the Rookie of the Year competition under the Motion Graphics category.

I investigated the themes of corrupt media and government surveillance of the people.  The content and the meaning of the video is political and focus on corporate greed and media surveillance. I explored semiotics and cultural texts associated with the chosen theme and created visuals according to my findings.

May 2021

Programs used:

• Mixamo

• MakeHuman

• Adobe Photoshop

• Adobe After Effects

• Adobe Media Encoder




Mr Media video

Matching the audio and visuals

I broke down the audio clip into beats and rhytm to get a better understanding of how long should the corresponding animations be.

Mr media progress for the web_Page_079.jpg

Mking moving mechanisms

I learned how to make moving mechanisms and coin materials in C4D.

Mr media progress for the web_Page_084.jpg


I createdcoin materials and textures in Adobe Photoshop and applied those to the gears for a realistic money look.

Mr Media music video by Kristlin Visnapuu

Colour scheme

I created mood boards based on the chosen audio and dark media. Then, I created colour scheme based to my idea of danger, money and corruption.

Mr media progress for the web_Page_083.jpg

Animating in C4D

I animated the snipping fingers in C4D frame-by-frame.

Mr media progress for the web_Page_091.jpg

After Effects

I rendered multiple C4D  image sequences and composed the final output in Adobe After Effects.

Mr media progress for the web_Page_093.jpg
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