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I designed a product packaging and a container for the Chupa-Chups Easter gift  pack 2022 (for their Slovak branch) , including all illustrations and die lines. I produced a project proposal and followed Chupa-Chups brand guidelines. During this project, I learned a lot about Adobe Illustrator, package design and product visualization in 3D.

I designed multiple versions and colour variations. In the, two were chosen for print.


The biggest challenge was the language barrier. Majority of the design instructions were in Slovak.

I successfully managed to use

Google Translator and finished

the project on time.

August-November , 2021

Programs used:

• Adobe Illustrator

• Adobe Photoshop

• Adobe Acrobat

• WeTransfer


Colour scheme


Colour scheme

Chupa Chups two colours mockup.jpg

Colour scheme

Dieline RGB-04.jpg

Colour scheme

Colour Scheme RGB-02.jpg

Colour scheme

Chupa Chups Red Package.png

Colour scheme

Chupa Chups Green Image.png

Colour scheme

Product Visual.jpg
Chupa Chups Anchor
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